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To Save a Fallen Angel

Released March 14, 2019


His life has been a series of adventures…

Abandoned at a young age, Captain Lucien Stoughton spent his early years searching for his past. During his travels he is befriended by an agent of the Crown, who in return for help finding Luc’s brother, requires Luc to become a spy. But his latest assignment might be the death of him. Posing as the Barbary pirate, Captain Peri, Luc must rescue the kidnapped Earl of Kiterman. There are only a couple of problems, and one of them is a trouser-wearing, sword-wielding beauty Luc aches to make his own.

But none before have offered such a beautiful bounty.

Lady Margaret (Peggy) Hennessey has been raised by pirates. When her beloved uncle and her fiancé are murdered in front of her, Peggy vows revenge on the one man she is sure is responsible: Her father, the Earl of Kiterman. To protect her dead uncle’s clandestine activities as a spy for the Crown, they created a fictitious description of Captain Peri. One that Army Captain Lucien Stoughton fits perfectly. So now, Peggy must teach landlubber army captain to sail a pirate ship… all while hiding her true vengeful intentions.

Peggy is determined to kill her father and Luc is determined to save him. Danger and death surround them on the high seas. Is love strong enough to save them all?


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