Book 1 in the Fallen Angels series

To Save a Guardian Angel


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His life is a lie…

Gabriel Stoughton, Duke of Belfort, swore he’d never claim the family title. A horrific past forced him to assume a false identity, living as a military man, and burying his old life. Now a Sergeant-Major, Gabe learns that Reginald Stoughton—his cousin—is committing the same heinous crimes as Gabe’s father. Then an urgent letter from his former commander’s daughter pulls him back into the depths of his gruesome childhood, and as two lives collide, Gabe must save her from certain death.

Her life is in danger.

Katherine McNair lost her father to war. Now in the hands of her despised uncle, she’s virtually sold to a man rumored to be evil and abusive. Desperate, she sends for the man her father told her would protect her, a man he trusted from his military days—a man who used to make her young heart flutter. When Gabe arrives, Katie realizes the attraction is still there, and when they are faced with a marriage for the sake of protecting her, she is more than willing, convinced she can seduce him into a real marriage.

But when Katie is kidnapped, Gabe realizes he loves his wife and will do anything to keep her safe. But can he rescue her in time to tell her?

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