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Julianna was born in the Gulf Coast area of Texas. She jokingly likes to tell people she is a southern girl born to yankee parents. Her mother was born in southern Ohio and moved to Texas after the end of World War II. 

Creating romantic stories is something she has done since she was a small child. One of her earliest memories is going to see the Walt Disney’s movie, Sleeping Beauty and on the way home crawling into the back of her parent’s station-wagon and creating a story in which she was the heroine and had to save the hero, a pirate captain, trapped in the ship's riggings.

For years she would create stories with strong, heroic female characters in her mind. But it wasn’t until after she retired from the Houston Police Department, after more than 31 years as a police officer and a police sergeant that she would be able to pursue her lifelong dream of having her stories published. 

Julianna writes historical romances. Primarily Regency romances but has written a Texas series (not published) and an English-American Revolutionary era series (also not published). For as long as she can remember Julianna has been fascinated with pirate stories and the early history of America, Texas, England, and France. She has now combined her love of history and writing to create stories with strong women and enduring heroes.  

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