Book 2 in the Fallen Angels NOVELLA series

The Christmas Promise


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A Christmas NOVELLA that is a part of Julianna's Fallen Angels Series

The Christmas Promise

A pledge between two childhood friends…

Peter Henricks knew from a young age his dreams of becoming a scientist could never become reality. He was to be the 8th Duke of Rollens, but that didn’t crush his love of learning. One Christmas season when he was a boy, he met Mary, another child whose love of scientific knowledge rivaled his own, and it didn’t matter his new friend was a commoner and a girl. For a fortnight they were inseparable, exploring castle ruins and pouring over her father’s books. When they stumbled upon a spring, one legends said granted a person’s fondest wish, an enamored Peter proposes a future marriage, if both are still unwed.

Becomes a vow of love.

Twenty years have passed since that day at the Spring—twenty years and two failed marriages. Peter went as far as fighting in the war, convinced the risk of death would be better than being on the marriage market again. But a battlefield realization gave him strength and now Peter is going to find the wife of his dreams—not another marriage arranged by his family. At Christmastime once again, Peter finds himself in the company of Mary who is all grown up but just as smart, vibrant, and oh-so-enticing. But Mary is convinced a lowly governess can never be married to a Duke, no matter what pact was made years ago.

Can one more walk to the enchanted spring help Peter convince Mary their long-ago Christmas promise is the key to their happiness?

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