The Earl's Night of Being Wild

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He’d been called too proper…

As the spare and not the heir, Rodney Hamling had been destined for the church or a military career. His days were spent upholding the dignity of the family name. He was responsible. Straight-laced. Tedious. Until he met her. He affectionately called her Mary Contrary, and she showed him the unruly side of life—his perfect counterbalance. One he intended to wed…until she disappeared.

She’d been called too wild…

Mary Cumpston spent her life with complete disregard to her station as a vicar’s daughter. Never obedient or tame, Mary was forever getting Rodney into trouble and he was forever rescuing her from one scrap or another. They were perfect together until a devastating threat drove Mary to flee to London. Forcing herself to forget Rodney, Mary took a stage name and pursued life as an actress. 

Together they were perfect.

Now eight years later, fate intervened. Both Rodney’s father and older brother have died, leaving him as the Earl of Hamstone and in charge of a bankrupted estate. Rodney vows revenge on the man who financially duped his father, and what better way than to seduce the mistress of the man who stole the money. After all, she’s rumored to be a beautiful actress…

When Mary sees Rodney she realizes the chance to salvage what was lost. She will help Rodney recover the money, if he will help her become a respectable woman again. Their agreement sets off an evening of misadventures, but can two broken hearts fall in love again in a single night?


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