To Save an Angel

Available July 25, 2019


A debt that wasn’t hers…

Angela Devlin has been the responsible one for as long as she can remember. With a drunken father and gambling brother, she learned to do what had to be done to pay the family’s bills—including disguising herself as her brother to handle the estate’s business. Now with both Father and brother dead, Angela is forced to repay the debts incurred by both men, and still care for ailing mother and younger sister. Her only option is to take her brother’s Army enlistment … but it’s not the behind-the-lines assignment she thought, and Angela is thrust into the middle of battle.

A debt that lead to love.

Major Richard Darkman isn’t who he seems. He’s really Ricarda Dorko, half-bred son of a disgraced Earl’s daughter and a Gypsy horse breeder. Determined to forge his own future, he changed his name and joined the cavalry. During a vicious battle he is wounded. In and out of consciousness, he wakes to another wounded soldier tending his wounds—and not just any soldier, a woman in disguise. When he finally comes to, the woman in uniform is gone. But he cannot forget her. And as the war ends, Rick is driven by the Gypsy code to repay the debt to the angel who saved his life.

Despite all efforts to keep her war deeds a secret, word spreads of the woman war hero, who, having saved the life of the Prince Regent, is presented with monitory award. Soon Rick finds Angela—but realizes she’s at risk. Where money is involved, danger lurks. 

Passion draws Rick and Angela together but can he save her before it’s too late?


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