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Author Julianna Hughes

Julianna's The Fallen Angels series

The Fallen Angels series by Julianna Hughes is the story of five  soldiers who come together during the war with Napoleon. They survived the worst war had to throw at them and became more than comrades in arms, they became life long friends who would do anything for each other. Dubbed the Fallen Angels by their commanding officer they each had a secret they were hiding from the world.

When the fighting in France stopped they faced returning to England and the lives they left behind. New dangers await them along with an enduring love if they are brave enough to reach for it.

Julianna has built a wonderful series, that includes five FULL LENGTH novels, five ACCOMPANYING NOVELLAS, and two RELATED Christmas Novellas. Each of the five full length novels tells the story of one of our five comrades coming face-to-face with their past while finding the love of their life. 

Each of the five accompanying novellas takes  someone you will meet in the previous novel and tells you how they found the love of their life. And each of the Christmas novellas is the magic story of Christmas bringing love to someone you will meet in one of these wonderful novels.

Julianna hopes you will love reading about these complex and enduring characters as much as she enjoyed bringing them to life in the, Fallen Angels series.

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